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The SPDev documentation will be migrated from my blog to CodePlex in the next few weeks. Until then, more detailed documentation can be found here:

SPDev - SharePoint Developer Utility

A free tool to help SharePoint developers be more productive.

SPDev Overview

SPDev is a command line utility to help SharePoint developers be more productive. It began with the GenWS (Generate Web Services) operation and now provides a number of additional time saving utilities. You will find a summary of the features in SPDev below.

SPDev Features (Operations) Overview

SPDev provides a number of features referred to as operations. These operations are accessed using the SPDev -o <operation> parameter. Below is only a brief summary of each operation. Follow the link for each operation below for specific operation details and syntax.

Generates the SharePoint-ready web service files for your custom web service.

Recycles the application pool using the web application URL instead of requiring the name of your IIS application pool.

Configures the schedule for the specified timer job.

Initiates a timer job to run with the next SharePoint timer job initiation cycle - which is usually in less than 60 seconds.


SPDev command is intended for use by SharePoint developers and testers on development machines and in test environments.
SPDev has no implied or explicit warranty.
SPDev is not intended for use in production environments.
SPDev has no official support.
SPDev is available for free.

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